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Drive-Thru Serving: 5-7 PM

All Dinners: $12

Accepting Cash or Check

the night of the event.

While things may be a bit different this year, we’re still going to serve up a hearty helping of turkey—drive-thru style! After everyone votes, of course.

On the menu will be our traditional turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, a dinner roll and a piece of homemade dessert.

There are a limited number of tickets available at the event.

Cash or Check only.

Drive-Thru Dinner

Make sure you bring your ticket(s)! If you purchase online, you must print the confirmation screen—this will be your ticket. It will also show how many dinners were purchased. If you need to divide online tickets between groups, please make separate purchases.

There will be two serving lines. Please enter by the south, 8th Street parking lot entrance (marked on the map below). You will be directed to one of the two lines to pick up your dinner(s). The north, 7th Street driveway will be EXIT ONLY.

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Rest assured your meal will be prepared utilizing safe food handling procedures. Our volunteers are required to wear masks, wash their hands and wear gloves while being around and handling food.